Find Durability in Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

WickerFinding the right outdoor resin wicker furniture for your patio or outdoor living space can be difficult, but resin wicker patio furniture may be the perfect solution.

For so many people, the ideal furnishings for outdoors are those that require little maintenance and that really hold up to the elements.

resin wicker is a special type of wicker that offers you an all-weather durability that you cannot find with other types of woods and materials. Here’s what you need to know:



How Outdoor Resin Wicker Furniture Is Different

Real wicker is often made from natural rattan wood or a rattan blend, and it offers you durability and a slightly elastic feel that makes for a comfortable seating experience.

As the elements wear on it, however, it can start to look weathered in appearance and become brittle. Resin, however, is a synthetic material that offers the look and comfort of rattan patio furniture without the downsides.


Weather Resistance Wicker

Weather resistant wickerIf you plan to have your furniture outdoors, as is a popular use of wicker-style furnishings, you know that your furnishings will be exposed to the elements.

Everything from the strength of the sun’s rays to downpours, rapid temperature fluctuations, and even extreme humidity or dryness can affect natural wood materials.

The synthetic nature of resin is designed especially to hold up to the elements, all while showing very little wear, if any at all.


Resin Wicker or Natural Wicker? Standing The Test of Time

You may think that there would be a big difference in appearance between a synthetic material like resin and a natural wood like rattan wicker. However, the fact is that you generally cannot tell the difference between these two materials without a very close inspection.

After a few years of exposure to the elements, though, you would certainly be able to tell the difference as the natural rattan wicker would be far more weathered in appearance than the resin wicker patio furniture.