Wicker Patio Furniture Set: Color Choices

If you are like many people, when you think about wicker patio sets, a white, woven set of furnishings comes to mind. However, what you may not know is that wicker has come a long way in recent years, and while the traditional white look is more popular than ever for outdoor patio spaces, there are other color choices available, too. Each color choice helps you to create a unique style for your space, so as you search for the right wicker patio furniture set for your space, consider these colors:

Outdoor Patio Sets To Suit Your Own Unique Style



White is certainly the most traditional and well-known color choice, and for good reason. This color helps you to create a variety of styles in your space including shabby chic, a relaxed cottage look, traditional yet elegant, and more. It also goes well with just about every color scheme imaginable. The downside to white is that it does get dirty easily. However, with how easy wicker patio is to wipe down, this is a minor inconvenience.





Natural Wood

You can also find these outdoor wicker furniture sets in a natural wood look. Generally, this is a wood stain of medium tint, so it looks great in a variety of spaces. The wood look does give your outdoor living space a more relaxed feel, so it is ideal for those spaces designed for just chilling out and relaxing with nature outdoors.




 Black and Brown

In addition to white and natural wood tones, these wicker sets are available in darker hues like black and dark brown. These are popular for a more modern or contemporary look, and they look absolutely stunning with both neutral pillows and wicker patio cushions as well as bold colors, too. Unlike white, these outdoor wicker Patio Sets hide dirt well and are great for homes with kids and pets. As you can see, you have many color choices to choose from when selecting the right wicker patio set for your space.