Tall Square Wicker Patio Heater With Table Warms Outdoor Air


Cold Outside? Be Prepared With an Outdoor Heater

The weather is nice for a fall day, but it is a little too cold to plan for a long stay outside. This is especially true if you want to enjoy a meal outside or barbecued meat off the grill. This patio heater with table for added convenience is a great option to keep you nice and cozy well into the late evenings. It has been known to heat large spaces and is safe to use.Hiland Wicker Patio Heater


Here are just a few of the benefits of this Garden Heater:

–    Controls can be changed
–    Safety features included
–    Wheels for Easy Mobility

–   UV resistant resin wicker


Whenever you use garden heaters, it helps if you can control the amount of heat that is released. There are times when you need more heat. Other moments, you only need a little bit of heat to stay warm. This wicker heater has a BTU variable control. It goes up to 41,000 BTUs, which releases a great deal of heat so you will always feel comfortable.


Think Safety First When Purchasing a Portable Propane Patio Heater

The other thing you have to consider when purchasing patio propane heaters is safety features. This is a serious issue to think about, especially if you have children around the house. Whether they are young or older, children can tip over most heaters by accident.

This particular model uses quick disconnects to shut off. There is an anti-tilt and thermocouple safety devices, so if it does tip over, it turns of. This is something that should be included on any outdoor heater.

It is important to have CSA approval, because this means the electrical device has been certified by the Canadian Standards Association. This has to happen before it can be sold. Its features have been tested and the wiring is done with CSA-approved materials.

This outdoor wicker patio heater easily fits with the rest of your patio furniture. It is definitely a welcome feature to any outdoor living space.