Variations in Wicker Garden Furniture

Outdoor Garden Furniture…Its a Matter Of Choice

Wicker garden furniture is likely just what your outdoor space needs to complete that relaxed look and give you a space to enjoy your beautiful garden in comfort and style. Wicker generally offers you a warm, inviting look that is as perfect for entertaining as it is for enjoying some quiet time alone or in the company of your family. While the wicker look is just perfect for your space, there are actually several variations of wicker outdoor furniture that you can consider as you work to pull this look off:



Rattan is a natural wood fiber that is popular for use in outdoor garden furniture. It is completely durable and in fact is considered to be one of the most durable wood fibers in the world. Some wicker patio furniture pieces have this wood fiber throughout the furniture including the frame and the weave, and it is considered to be highly durable and great for families with kids and pets that may be hard on furnishings.


Rattan Blend

While some furnishings have rattan throughout the furniture, others have a rattan frame and then a natural rattan blend or a synthetic material for the weave. Depending on the material of the weave, you may find that these blends are more weather-resistant and possibly easier to clean than a pure rattan piece.


Resin Wicker

Another option available to you is resin wicker patio furniture, which is a purely synthetic material. This material is designed to hold up to the elements for years to come, and it is considered to be perfect for outdoor use. What’s more, because it is synthetic, there is far less regular maintenance involved and it is easier to keep clean with a simple wipe-down from time to time. There are several garden wicker furniture options to choose from, and you will want to weigh the choices carefully as you consider the options available to you.