Wicker Trash Can.. Functional and Stylish!

Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Hide the Trash Away With a Trash Hideaway

An outdoor trash can really helps keep things clean and organized in an outdoor kitchen. They can help eliminate the appearance of having a garbage bag lying around. There are many features that the Suncast Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway can offer to your outdoor living space that go far beyond holding your trash.

 An Outdoor Trash Can Eliminates Unwanted Smells and Pests

This resin wicker trash can is dark brown and tall, which means trash is not easily visible. Because it’s tall and solid, you also are not going to be able to smell the trash as easy as you would with those short little kitchen trash cans. This one can be tucked next to your outdoor kitchen or even in another corner of the yard. This means that you can have a trash can while avoiding unwanted pests due to the lid being unable to be latched closed.

Outdoor Trash CanWicker Trash Can

Who Knew Outdoor Bins Could Be So Stylish?

For a trash can, it’s easy on the eyes and offers a decorative style to it that will allow it to complement your back yard. It’s made of resin and wicker to give it durability while still being functional and nice-looking. The design of this wicker bin is durable and this means it’s going to last through rough conditions regardless of where you live. Your patio can accommodate this Wicker Hideaway, as it fits any décor due to its solid brown color.

Durability Features of the Suncast Trash Hideaway

The suncast trash can is great for any outdoor kitchen. It is made from resin wicker which offers a durable design that allows it to be practical yet add flare to your outdoor space. The lid latches to ensure it stays closed when it rains and to prevent animals from getting inside of it. It’s designed to stay dry as well, and even when it rains, this trash can stays dry as opposed to others that get wet and then begin to grow mold or welt up, swell or crack.