You Cant Get Cooler Than A Keter Cool Bar

The Keter Rattan Cool Bar is the perfect must have for the pool or barbeque. This cool bar is cool in so many ways because you can use it as a cocktail table when down, or a cooler when up. This unique cooler will keep drinks cold for more than 12 hours and has a built in drain plug for fast and easy draining.

Your friends will not believe that this table is a cooler too, it just looks like a nice pool side table. Its handsome hourglass style fits in with any décor as it looks like a rattan cocktail table, yet underneath is a drink cooler. Just lift the table top and you have all of your beverages right there.


What Is The Keter Cool Bar?

The Keter Rattan Cool Bar is a unique styled cocktail table that lifts to reveal an ice chest below. No more getting up and down to serve guests or yourself a cold beverage. Perfect for barbecues, parties or by the pool.

It will cut down on guests tracking in and out of your kitchen just to get another cold beverage. No more ugly ice chests either, with the Keter Rattan Cool Bar your guests will not believe that this nice looking rattan style table is really an ice chest.



How Many Features Does This Outdoor Bar Have?

This bar has so many features that make this a great idea to have at the next party or backyard barbecue. At first glance the Cool Bar looks like a smart rattan cocktail table, its hourglass design will add a touch of class to any area.

However, the top easily lifts to reveal a 7 ½ gallon cooler underneath. This cooler is also low maintenance because it has a drain plug that makes draining out the ice water a cinch. Yet another feature is its convenience, no more getting up and down to get your guests another drink capability, simply lift the top and there you will see all of your ice cold beverages.


What Are People Saying About The Keter Cool Bar?

One thing that you will notice in many of the reviews for this bar is that a lot of people chose this because of its ability to travel well and remain durable over the years. The Keter Rattan Cool Bar really is one of a kind in terms of providing both a standup bar and a cooler for almost any purpose.



“This is an awesome bar. It was easy to put together and everyone in the neighborhood talks about it.”

–        Diana,


“I have always wanted something like this and I have to say that the Keter Rattan Cool Bar works even better than I thought. It really helps keep your drinks cold.”

–        Rosa,


In addition to this being a fun bar to have any party, the fact that it is fully functional as a cooler and can be drained easily when the party is done makes the Keter Rattan Cool Bar the ideal choice for almost any party situation. It is light enough to be taken on the road, but sturdy enough for full-time placement in a backyard or patio.


“This has solved a big party problem for us. Everyone loves this and the drain at the bottom makes it easy to clean out at the end of the party.”

–        Kelly,



Where Should You Buy This Kind of Outdoor Living Bar?

The best place to shop for any outdoor living area bar will be online. When shopping online you may compare prices on similar or the identical product, also you can find out what the shipping charges, if any, will be.

Online you may also read reviews from current owners of the product, in this case an outdoor living bar. See what others have thought of this product and read their comments. This is also the best place to compare return policies and wa


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Is This The Right Outdoor Bar Furniture For You?

The first thing you should consider when thinking about buying any piece of furniture, in this case an outdoor bar, is where it will be placed. Then measure the area and see if the product will fit in this area, also give thought to your décor, will this complement it or clash terribly.

The best idea is to get something that is nicely designed and will fit with any type décor. The Keter Pacific Cool Bar will go with any scheme and look nice in any area. The practicality of an item is also important and with the Cool Bar you will be glad you own it. It is useful and stylish, however, you are the only one that will know if this is the right outdoor bar furniture is for you.